Spotlight Post #3

I decided to look at single- gender schooling instead of year round education. Before reading any of these articles my stance is that single-gender education is not a good option. I personally so not think that it gives males and females the social skills that are necessary for them to interact with each other.

The first article I read was called “The Research Spotlight on Single-Gender Education.” It essentially claimed that girls would thrive more in a single-gender school. The author of this article noted that boys are praised more often than girls for things like calling out answers in class in mixed-gender schools. I located another article called “Is Single-Gender Education Better for Students?” This article said some similar things. It noted that girls tend to do better in single-gender schools. It was also stated that girls feel more confident and treat each other better when boys are not around. It was also noted that both genders could potentially do worse socially when not interacting with each other every day in schools.

On the opposite side I located some articles against single-gender education. This particular article, “Single-Sex Schools Are a Bad Idea,” was written by a woman that attended a single-gender school. She spoke of a level of competition that was not in mixed-gender schools. She noted that every girl in her school went on a diet to try and eat less than every other girl. She said that it was very damaging to her and made all of them see the opposite gender as lower than them. I found another article called “Single-Sex Education: The Pros and Cons.” This article talked about how these schools could make you see the opposite gender as lower and that many teachers are not able to create gender-specific lessons and techniques to teach.

Overall I found that these articles did not change my opinion. I still feel that single-gender schools could be detrimental to social skills with the opposite sex. They could also cause a lot of emotional harm as well. I think too much estrogen or testosterone in one building is a bad idea in general.


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